Building an innovative strategy that drives demand requires more than data and sophisticated quantitative methods.

Effective solutions always fit analytical tools and data to the business issue rather than the other way around. We believe that a developing a framework of valid questions about your business is an essential starting point for every client engagement.
Understand. All managers have a model of what drives demand for their products. At Applied Thinking, we begin by uncovering the implicit assumptions that guide business decisions.
Measure. Only after the implicit mental models are understood can we begin quantification. By applying metrics to management's constructs, we establish a common, fact-based language that supports assessment of the current view of demand dynamics.
Ideate. Measures that reflect the recent past can be deceptive guideposts for future actions. At this stage in the process, constraints are loosened and creative thinking is encouraged. "Hard meaures" derived from quantitative analysis serve as a springboard for ideas about what "might be" in an evolving marketplace.
Protoype. Why should ideas about the future remain vague? At Applied Thinking, rapid prototyping of alternative potential demand models quantifies and clarifies the output of ideation. At this point, managers can begin to discuss the sales and profit implications of the options under consideration.
Activate. Strategy innovation becomes real when protoypes are translated into plans and action steps. At this point, strategy and the practicality of execution are linked.
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